We breed registered Dexter cattle, American Guinea Hogs, St. Croix Hair Sheep, and standard bred Silver Gray Dorking & Delaware chickens. Additional beloved critters here include our English Shepherds, German Shepherd, cats & horses.
 Our sales list includes artisan extra virgin olive oil, eggs from pastured chickens, registered breeding stock, feeder & butcher animals, even living lawnmowers! We also offer tours and education about everything we have and do here on the ranch. We exhibit our animals where people can learn more about them.
Conservation of historic and endangered genetics is a priority. We provide as natural an environment as possible for the animals in our care, with respect for their physical and emotional needs.


Heritage breeds are part of our history and a piece of the Earth’s biodiversity that is in danger of being lost forever. Before agriculture became industrialized, farmers all over the country raised a multitude of livestock breeds that were adapted to the local environment and thrived as a sustainable resource. They had strong foraging abilities, were able to mate naturally, had strong maternal instincts, resistance to disease & parasites and lived long productive lives.
Modern day agriculture is focused on fast profits. Large production agriculture, corporate farming, uses only a few breeds of livestock & poultry to supply most of the meat & eggs available for sale today. The majority of small farms either also use production breeds, or use mixed breeds. The result is that all the traditional purebred breeds - the heritage breeds - with their useful, wonderful, attributes and diverse genetics are no longer being used and face danger of extinction.
 These traditional breeds are truly sustainable and are very well suited for homesteaders and small family farms. Their meat & eggs are more flavorful, and could be in demand once consumers experience the difference.                         Getting people to eat them will save them!
We are doing our part to try and help save a few heritage breeds, because they are worth saving and too precious to lose forever.
To learn more about heritage breeds, visit The Livestock Conservancy.